Cancer Information

Breast Cancer

Cells in the breast that form malignant tumors, mainly from the breast or the inside of the breast.

  • Family medical history: close relatives with breast cancer

  • Personal medical history: have had breast cancer / malignant breast tumor

  • Age: People aged 55 or older have a greater chance of developing breast cancer

  • Genetic risk: genetic mutations (BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes)

  • Breast tissue density: Denser Breast tissue yieldes a greater chance

  • Side effects from Previous treatment : The chest has received radiation therapy / Has used hormone drugs (such as birth control pills)

Causing Factors

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  • Breasts: Sunken skin, erosion, scales, orange peel, lumps, thick tissue

  • Nipple: Invagination, lumps, thickening, bleeding

  • Underarm: Lumps, swelling



  • Surgery: Resection of affected breast tissue

  • Radiation therapy: High-energy rays to kill cancer cells in the body, reducing the chance of recurrence

  • Chemotherapy: The cancer cells are destroyed by anticancer drugs (oral / intravenous drugs)

  • Target treatment: Antibodies in target drugs selectively adhere to the surface of cancer cells, blocking the growth and division of HER2 breast cancer cells

  • Hormonal therapy: interrupts the supply of estrogen to cancer cells, preventing cancer cells from growing and breeding

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