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Our vision is to become one of the leading and excellent oncology centres who provides high quality and comprehensive oncology services to patient

Consultant & Specialist in Clinical Oncology - Dr. Li Yu Chung Jacky

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We expand our service network by cooperating with a large variety of healthcare service providers, so as to provide you customized healthcare solutions

Our Mission

The Hong Kong United Oncology Centre seeks to engage in the full spectrum of oncology services of the highest quality through:

  • a commitment to excellence;

  • strong clinical collaboration and consultation in patient care;

  • a continuous search for new knowledge with international clinical trials participation;

  • sensitivity to the needs of patients and community.

The pursuit of this mission is characterized by a commitment to integrate the full range of perspectives and oncology expertise that now exist within the Centre and its affiliated specialties within UMP through close collaboration. HKUOC optimizes the unique strengths and expertise of each specialty and creates synergy through aligned goals and efforts.

Our Aim

  • To promote the delivery of oncology services in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable manner.

  • To facilitate the career development of adjoining oncologists with a broad range of professional interests and skills; foster diversity and sub-specialization among the centre's oncologists in the long term.

  • To be united as one and through complementary, interdigitated and specialized roles that optimize the existing cancer treatment algorithm and becomes the oncology centre of excellence


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